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How hotel tech is helping Ukrainian refugees


Since the beginning of the Ukraine war, more than 500,000 people had to flee their country. Many organizations and associations have created initiatives to encourage European citizens to support Ukrainians refugees.

Among them is #HospitalityHelps, an initiative that aims to provide free temporary hotel accommodation to Ukrainian refugees. They created a website to connect families who had to leave their homes with hotels who are willing to offer free short-term stays in Europe.

The initiative, developed by HotelSwaps, is supported by several hospitality tech players. Notably Accor, Marriott, Hilton and D-EDGE. The latter, European leader of hotel distribution solutions, developed a direct connectivity in less than 48h thanks to their expert team. By facilitating access to the #HospitalityHelps platform for their 17,000 hotel clients, D-EDGE brings a potential of 1 million hotel rooms, just in Europe.

While it is easier to connect to #HospitalityHelps via D-EDGE CRS, you can of course participate without being a customer of the hotel tech leader.

How to offer rooms? Fill the hotel participation form available on or directly here.

520 hotels in 45 Europe countries have already joined the online directory, and you can be next.

You can also help by sharing this initiative with your friends and colleagues in the hospitality industry.