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Rome/Brussels, 1 March 2023: The Hotelstars Union (HSU) - the European association for a harmonised hotel classification - now offers a test classification according to the HSU classification criteria not only in English, German, Polish, and Ukrainian but also in Italian. This means that Italian-speaking hoteliers can now orient themselves to the European classification standards of the Hotelstars Union and try out how many stars their hotel would achieve according to the HSU system. The free and non-binding online test classification is available to interested establishments on the website

Bernabò Bocca, president of Federalberghi, highlights "the importance of this tool: Especially the citizens of northern Europe, that are amongst the most loyal customer of the Italian hotels are used to choose the hotel by using the HSU criteria". Federalberghi has been an observing member of the Hotelstars Union since 2012 and has since been a supportive, committed and valuable partner in the discussions and efforts to harmonize hotel classifications in Europe.

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Generally transition to
“Hotelstars Union” new criteria for 2015-2020 was realized in 2015. 7 new applicants were included in the “Hotelstars Union” system. Distribution of “Hotelstars Union” metal plaques was continued.

136 hotels were recertified according to the new criteria. At the end of 2015 there were 143 hotels classified according to Hotelstars criteria in Latvia. Most of the certified hotels are 3 and 4 stars hotels. There is a growing number of applications for 3,4 and 5 star superior categories. 

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Two Accor Hotels chain hotels – 3 star Superior “IBIS Riga Centre” and 5 star Superior “Pullman Riga Old Town”  opened this summer in the centre of Riga. “IBIS Riga Centre” is a vibrant 125 rooms hotel that has been refurbished into outstanding midscale hotels representing the new concept of the IBIS brand.  “Pullman Riga Old Town ” is 155 rooms luxury hotel occupying magnificient 18th century building merged together with completely modern structure. Hotel includes refined restaurant, vinoteca, luxurious SPA  with swimming pool, comprehensive conference facilities. 


Since January 2015 the modernised criteria catalogue of Hotelstars Union is the new fundament of the stars family, with stronger emphasis on connectivity and sustainability - inform yourself at ITB Berlin

Berlin, Brussels, 3 March 2015
- The updated criteria catalogue of Hotelstars Union (HSU) was put into force in January 2015. Successively, hotels in the currently 15 member countries will be reclassified according to the new criteria.

The criteria catalogue of HSU was modernised on the basis of an international guest survey in respect of the guest’s needs and expectations. “In order to keep up with societal developments and trends, greater consideration has been given to the quality of hotel beds, security and sustainability as well as to the hotels’ websites and to guests’ access to the internet”, says Andrea Kopócsy, chairwoman of the classification committee of the HSU.

HOTREC is proud of the work of its members, which have been operating already since 2010 comparable hotel classification criteria of the Hotelstars Union across Europe. The Hotelstars Union is open to other European countries as well”, said Susanne Kraus-Winkler, President of HOTREC.

We are confident that these efforts, providing for guests a stable and reliable anchor in the digital world of hotel distribution, are well recognised and that official star ratings become an integral part of the information provided to the guests on the web”, added Christian de Barrin, CEO of HOTREC.

From March 4th to 8th 2015 several members of the HSU will represent their countries at the ITB Berlin and are open to provide more information on the revised system, as transparency and credibility are the main idea of the stars family.


Hotelstars Union welcomes Latvian Presidency for 2016

Vienna, Brussels, 5 January 2016 – The yearly rotating Presidency of Hotelstars Union will be handed over from Hungary to Latvia with the turn of the year. The main goal for 2016 is to sharpen awareness and to strengthen the brand of the harmonised European hotel classification system.

Hotelstars Union (HSU) welcomes Janis Valodze, President of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Latvia, as the new HSU-President for 2016. The hotelstars family with its 16 European Members is represented by a yearly rotating Presidency, which was held by Ákos Niklai, President of Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association, in the last year. Janis Valodze, the newly appointed HSU-President, is looking forward to a productive year: “Our main goal for the near future is to sharpen awareness and strengthen our HSU-brand vis-à-vis all market players. We must fortify the HSU- system as the European brand for a transparent and reliable hotel classification.” The relaunch of into a more user-friendly webpage is one of the most important tasks this year, adds Valodze.

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Atjaunotās zvaigznes apspīd viesnīcu jomu.

Budapešta/Vīne. 2015. gada 1. janvārī stājas spēkā Hotelstars Union atjaunotais kritēriju katalogs. Kritēriji, kas balstīti uz Eiropas viesnīcu viesu aptauju un tirgus izpēti, ir vairāk piemēroti mūsdienu prasībām un vairāk akcentē gulēšanas komfortu, saskaņotību un drošību. 

Gandrīz gadu “Hotelstars Union” dalībvalstu pārstāvji apsprieda kataloga saturu.

“ Viesnīcniekiem nebūs jāsagaida pārsteigumi vai krasas strukturālas izmaiņas” saka Andrea Kopoši (Andrea Kopocsy), “Hotelstars Union” (turpmāk, - HSU) klasifikācijas komisijas priekšsēdētāja. Lai neatpaliktu no sabiedrības attīstības un tās tendencēm, lielāka uzmanība tika veltīta viesnīcu gultu kvalitātei, drošībai un ilgtspējībai, kā arī viesnīcu mājas lapām un  interneta pieejamībai viesiem.

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From left to right: first row – Thomas Allemann, Marina Ožigar, Franck Trouet, Peter Mathiasen, Kristin Scheibel, Katrin Muhr, Attila Lukacs, Markus Luthe, Herbert Sidler, Christoffer Susé, Gundel Menzel, Klara Hajkova. second row – Klaus Ennemoser, Rikard Bergsten, Vaclav Starek

Prague, 30th January 2014 – Hoteliers keep pursuing their initiative towards harmonising the classification system (stars rating the hotels) across Europe. Already 15 countries within the Hotelstars Union have made commitments to abide by identical standards. In January, the Czech Republic took over the General Secretariat of this European alliance for a one-year period from Switzerland.

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